Helping you to teach computer science

In addition to the significant cost savings, Codio has a range of other advantages that make it the ideal platform to teach computer science to your students.

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Infrastructure as a service

Cloud based, Codio is low on hardware requirements and big on savings, reliability and flexibility.

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Web-based IDE

Less hassle than installing an IDE on your network or desktop, with no compromises on functionality.

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Project templates

The fast and simple way to create new computer science teaching projects, and adapt existing ones. You can use our pre-configured stacks or create your own.

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Learning management

Manage your computer science classes from the Codio dashboard. Watch your students progress through a course. Assessments are auto-marked, so you save time.

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Content authoring

Create your own course content either by uploading your class notes or creating interactive content directly within the IDE.

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Curriculum content

We’ve co-developed over 50 courses with Oxford, Cambridge and RSA (OCR) — all mapped to the UK Computer Science national curriculum.

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