Infrastructure as a service

Cloud computing isn’t just a passing trend. It’s the approach many forward thinking organisations now take with their technology. Why? Because Codio helps manage issues like access, availability, scalability and disaster recovery.

With Codio there’s no new infrastructure needed or software to install. It’s easy to use, scalable and designed for teaching code.

No software to install

No complicated setup or configuration, and no time-consuming software updates. You simply log in and get started.

Code Anywhere

You don’t need to be in a classroom or at a specific location to use Codio. Get access anywhere — in the lab, at work, on the move, at school or at home.

Dynamic resource allocation

A high volume of users isn’t a problem with Codio. Containerisation technology smooths CPU and RAM usage across all users, optimising performance for boxes that are in use.

Unlimited servers

Need to scale up, or down? Easy. Codio containerisation technology packs hundreds of user servers onto a single physical server.

Sudo access

There are no barriers for your students or team members with Codio. They can install and configure any programming language, database or software component.

No user conflicts

Each student project gets its own fully isolated server, so there is no risk of stack or version conflicts.

'Always-on' boxes

You can select to leave your box on. This feature enables you to build and test cloud based services.
Codio just makes the whole process simple. And that’s something all teachers are looking for.

Thomas Smith

Head of Computing
Caistor Grammar School
Lincolnshire, UK