Project templates

Codio works with a series of templates, or Codio stacks. You can use our pre-configured stacks or create your own. This template approach makes Codio easy to use, configure and adapt.

Codio's templates deliver fully preconfigured servers in less than 5 seconds, no matter how complex the configuration.

Understanding stacks

Stacks are simply Codio boxes that have the base software components installed and are fully configured. You simply take a snapshot of the box contents to save it as a stack. With one click, it's ready for your students to use.

Codio comes with a number of stacks pre-loaded. You can create your own stacks, from scratch or by adapting an existing stack, to suit the specific needs of your courses.

Starter packs

Starter packs help your students get started in seconds. They are fully templated projects with source code, pre-installed languages, databases and any other components. So you can instantly create projects which are ready to edit, compile and run.
Coding in the cloud is great because it enables young people to take the work they learn in school and continue it at home or anywhere around the world.

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