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Codio for schools

Codio is designed for computer science teachers to use in the classroom. It combines an online code editor, curriculum-mapped courses, course publishing tools and the ability to monitor student progress. And because it's cloud-based, you don't worry about the administrative hassle of setting up a code environment.

Codio for schools

Codio benefits

Auto-marked Assessments

Save time by creating code assessments that are marked automatically. It provides instant feedback for your students. You have a selection of assessments types such as multiple choice or fill in the blank.

Curriculum-mapped Courses

Over 80+ course units are available to use including computational thinking, Python, Java and Javascript. Courses are co-developed with Oxford, Cambridge and RSA (OCR), UK's leading exam board.

Monitor Student Progress

We've made class management simple. You can easily create and manage classes, monitor assignments, and access student code. You can also track student progress and demonstrate impact.

Code from Anywhere

Accessible anywhere, students use an online code editor that contains all the software a student needs. Each student enjoys a dedicated virtual server for their project work - ideal in the classroom or at home.

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